Our mission is to create an academic environment that promotes excellence in teaching, research, professional practice, and service towards advancing urban and regional planning in Hawai‘i, the Pacific Region, and beyond. We prepare planners to develop and apply knowledge and skills in planning and policymaking in public agencies, private firms, educational institutions, international organizations and community groups.

Department Goals

GOAL ONE | Prepare Future Planning Professionals

Equip students to fill professional planning and policy analysis roles in public agencies, private firms, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, international organizations, and community groups particularly in Hawaii, the continental US, Asia and the Pacific Basin.

GOAL TWO | Advance The Scholarly Field of Planning

Develop and apply new knowledge in the field of planning.

GOAL THREE | Provide Service To Communities And Public Agencies

Provide public services to public officials, community leaders and others concerned with urban and regional planning particularly within Hawai‘i, the continental US, Asia, and the Pacific Basin.

GOAL FOUR | Create A Collaborative Learning Environment

Develop and nurture an organizational structure, academic environment and sense of community that facilitates achieving high quality teaching/learning, research, and service.